Saturday, 1 August 2009

Essential Manager's Manual

It's Saturday afternoon and I have nothing better to do than tidying up. But whilst doing this, I just came across a book I bought when I was first made a manager. It's called Essential Manager's Manual.

It's quite a big book with well over 800 pages and when I bought it I thought that I'd probably never read more than a few pages. But during my first few months as a manager it became quite an invaluable tool. It covers the most important areas a good manager should consider such as:

- Communicating clearly
- Managing time
- Making decisions
- Delegating successfully
- Motivating people
- Managing teams
- Managing meetings
- Presenting successfully
- Negotiating successfully
- Interviewing people
- Managing change
- Minimizing stress

I must admit that most of the areas covered are common sense. But when you are under pressure to deliver as a manager (possibly for the first time) it is easy to oversee the logical little things you should remember.

The book is so easily written, that you can read it either in full to prepare yourself for your new job as manager or can use it as a reference guide if you'd like to improve in certain areas or refresh your knowledge.

I'd recommend this book strongly to any manager - new or experienced. We all can learn more!

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