Thursday, 22 October 2009

Internal job move

I think I just accepted a job. Have I?

I was an odd situation. My current job will change and will be split into 2 roles sitting in 2 different departments. I like both sides of the job. In either job I will earn the same - even though I think the new job has more potential for this to increase.

The manager of the new job approached me with his proposal and that he really wants me for that job. I kept my options open. He discussed it with my current manager who subsequently discussed it with me.

My current manager said he'd fully support me if that's the way I want to go. He said that he thinks some of my key strenghts are in the area of the new job and there would be a lot of opportunity to learn new things for me. He said that he is looking to move my current role into a role doing very different things, such as tactical campaigns.

He nearly sounded as if he wanted me to move - but I know he is very satisfied with my work, just is a very positive person who wouldn't want me to miss out on an opportunity.

But he thinks, if that new role looks at a more strategic level, i.e. data and insight and how to approach the market (which is the area I love most, but don't have time to focus on), then he will need the person in my current role to be more on the creative side as far as I understood (which is the area I least enjoy).

So I went back to the other manager. Clarified my concerns and the areas I think I would miss and we came to a pretty good agreement. You see, the role doesn't exist yet and would pretty much be defined around me. So a few of the areas I really don't want to give up because I have put so much into getting them were they are now and am still working so hard on them - they could move with me.

It is a dilemma, isn't it? My job splits in 2 halves and I enjoy both. Which half should I take?

The concern that my current job would become much more creative and the fact that the new role would be defined around me kind of made up my mind.

I guess my only fear is that I am moving sideways without earning more money. But I can win so much more knowledge and would get a lot of training.

I also would lose my staff though - I wouldn't have a direct report anymore. But then again, I did manage staff now in 2 jobs, that's enough for the CV, isn't it?

And once the new roles come up, I would need to apply for either. I know the new manager really, really wants me. I am not sure about the old job or what it will become - would I still be the right candidate for it and get the job? I wouldn't be the first not getting her old job back in the internal restructuring we are currently going through.

So when the new manager said - is that a "yes, I'll go for it" or a "okay, I'll think about it." I said "It's a 'Yes, that sounds really good, but I obviously will need to see the job description'" He then smiled, shook my hand and said "Fantastic, welcome in the team."

So I guess, I just accepted a new job.

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